Merry X'mas to all from the Lims at Hua Hin

We took a 2.5hours flight but a 4 hour drive into Hua Hin. Thankfully, the girls were not really fighting in the van or else I really would have pengsaned!!

We are enjoying our stay, the girls loved the room with the mosquito net and all, making it look really romantic. We spent the entire morning soaking up the sun, though the water in the pool is a tad too cold for my liking.

Here's wishing one and all a very blessed X'mas and love, peace and joy throughout.

Turning 3, PK and Walkathon

Here's my little one who turned 35 mths yesterday.... wearing my blond wig and posing...

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She is certainly one character, this girl, a total contrast to Megan, but she has her own strengths and beauty. Highly independant and bossy( wonder where that came from? :P).....


This is a photo of the private kitchen that we went to last month, called Stella's Hideaway. Nice, isn't it? I am amazed how she managed to find a table that can fit 14 pax. My entire family should fit comfortably there.

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Megan's school organized a Christmas Walkathon to the Peak this year. I volunteered to accompany the class but boy was it a big big mistake. Today's weather was unbelievably cold and windy. I almost died at the Peak because the children were seated like this and were not allowed to move much. And because the P1s and the kindy children are too young, they did the short cut walk to the Peak which only took 10 minutes. Megan asked me," Huh? This is a walkathon meh?" We were at the Peak from 10-11.30am and the wind just kept blowing and blowing nonstop. I think I turned blue.

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Here's a pic of Megan and her best friend in class, Paige.(behind her)
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I took a cab home with Megan after the Walkathon and I slept in the cab all the way. Was supposed to meet claudiacheng, but I felt so shitty that I had to cancel our date and I slept somemore for another 2 hours! Gosh... I better rest or else I will fall sick before I head to Hua Hin.

5 more days to Hua Hin

I can't wait to get out of this miserable winter and get some sun and sea and sand. It's now 15 degrees and it will drop to 11 on the day we leave for HH. Brrr....

I've booked this detox package for both ah lau and myself.

Detoxifier – to detoxify and nourish

Steam and Sauna
Detox Bath
Detoxifying Body Scrub
Detoxifying Body Wrap
Scalp Massage
Holistic Massage
Six Senses Signature Tea

And it is 3 Hours long!!!!!

And for the children....

They have a club called Just Kids!

A Professionally managed kids' club, with its own swimming pool, keeps children entertained all day. The emphasis at Just Kids! is on mind challenging activities, adventure games, and making learning experiences fun. Closely supervised "sleepovers" are arranged nightly to give parents the Resort to themselves.

Megan and Macy gets to all these activities:

Making model airplanes
Making animals using balloons
How to do magic tricks
Thai language lessons
Thai culture lectures
Thai costume parties
Face painting
Kite flying
Building with Lego
Learning how to play chess, solve puzzles, quizzes and other brainteasers
Learning how to make batik printing
Learning by working in the herb and vegetable garden
Creating artwork with items collected from the nature walk, eg: seashells, seeds, dead leaves, twigs, flowers, etc
Mask making and other art and craft activities
Junior Yoga
Mini Basketball
Treasure hunts
Nature trekking and beach walks
Arts & crafts (Batik art, T-shirt art, modelling clay, soap carving, finger painting, face painting, mask making, egg shell painting etc)
Educational science experiments
Play station
Team games
Pool games

I cannot wait to have my dose of tom yam goong... and all the delicious Thai food... plus the night market ..... siao liao ah...

Macy and Ah Gong

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This is one lovely photo of Ah Gong and Macy at Robertson Quay.

Here's us behaving like tourists again at Robertson Quay. jiak lat or not? This trip back, we are amazed at the new expressway linking Portsdown road to AYE, the new HV carpark, the new Jelita.... and we were not home for just 4 months... and we are not paid by PAP to say all these ah.... just very impressed with the constant change in Singapore.

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