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Most Endearing Quality

We start our day with a MEQ-most endearing quality, just to edify each other. It really works.

Edward and I did our Marriage Preparation Course way back in 1997. It was conducted at a couple's home over 6 weekends. After completing MPC, we felt that it benefited us alot and when we were invited to go for the >a href="">United Marriage Encounter</a> in 2004, we accepted the invitation and went. Our first UME experience was charteredhere.

This is 5 years forward after our last weekend. We still use many of the tools and lessons we learnt and apply it to our marriage. Ed and I really believe that such courses will help enhance marriages and build up one another. There has been many broken marriages amongst our friends and we wish we could just do more to help.

Recently, we did another weekend, but this time as a facilitating couple. It was held at Harris Hotel in Batam, organised by our church, PPHBC

The weekend is run very similarly to UME with some slight modifications. There were 10 couples and from the testimonies shared on the last day...we are very thankful and happy to know that just by committing 48 hours to each other without work, kids, phone.... makes such difference to their married lives.

Here's us baring our souls and sharing our feelings.

and here's this 2 jars of cookies that caused me to put on weight because after every sharing session, it will beckon me over.

My brother did a good photoshop of all my moles... now I look like I just had a whitening facial from SKII... haha.. if not, you can see our glow from the weekend lor..

Here's all 10 glowing couples.
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