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Ming's maiden trip to Hong Kong

After being on MSN with flipover since 2003, she finally made a trip to HK and she brought little Trinity along... the little girl's first maiden trip overseas, even further than her 2 gor gors!

It was nice catching up in HK, showing her what Stanley is all about, like what I did to mamemo and nining, her wallet bled at all the shops we went to. To be fair, both myself and claudiacheng's wallet bled a little too... ended up buying things not meant to be because they are just so darn cute.

Check out little Trinity in her winter clothes, topped with that cute hat. Because of the cold weather, she didn't even yank it off at all... they certainly know the temp. better than us, huh? She took to Tracey so well and always smiling at Tracey... hehe... I guess I know if there will be a no.3, who it will be.

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It was such a short trip for her, if not, she would be brought to Spicy crab, Lamma island and all my favourite joints lah...
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