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Want to take a walk on the moon with me?

When Megan was around Macy's age, she was very into Hi 5's Charlie and this particular song," Robot Charlie". I remember making something like this for her then. Time really flies and now I am making the same thing for Macy.

Image hosted by Image hosted by

And creative jie jie searched for 2 Yakult straws and put it on top and made it the antennae. She is so funny.

Macy has been really difficult of late, in terms of going to school. She does not want to get up, does not want to get changed, struggles with us, cry, scream.... it takes me and Shirley to cajole her to get changed and comb her hair. Then it is another struggle to get her to go to the school bus. Today, I brought her down to the school bus, she was brave and didn't cry, but when I was waving goodbye to her, her face really broke my heart.. so sad and holding back her tears, with her mouth turned downwards... aiyoh... I cannot take it.


Megan is taking part in SIS's 15th anniversary celebrations. The musical is going to be held on 29th April. So she has been really busy with the twice weekly rehearsal...which is good as well, I feel. She will enjoy and gain the experience of being in a musical, that small wee teeny girl, and it also helps to occupy her non stop thinking brain and non stop talking mouth. By the time Macy can speak really well, not only will Ed grow more deaf, me too.


I don't seem to have much luck with landlords. I just got into a tiff with her again 3 days ago. My washing machine is not working well, it does not go into the dryer and spin dry my clothes. I called her to tell her that it needs to be fixed, she has the audacity to aske me to half half with her. I asked her to go open up her tenancy agreement to check on the clause on wear and tear. She said," How would I know if it is wear and tear and not improper use?" That "improper use" loosened my screws on my head and I gave her hell. I already send all my bedsheets to the laundramat because I know the stupid machine cannot handle my King size sheets... what improper use is she talking about? I lost it and she said she will call me back after discussing with her partner. I don't care, I am going to get it fixed and deduct the cost from the rent. Unbelievable.
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