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Day 4- Floating Market

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The floating market is situated about 2 hours away from where we are and us, being typical Singaporeans, must pack our days filled with activities... so I decided to bring the girls to the floating market for a brand new experience while Edward went on his own to Royal Hua Hin Golf for his golf game.

We had to leave really early in the morning at 6.30am... so the hotel has kindly packed us individual b'fast baskets.... Megan thought it was an absolutely cool idea.

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When we reached, I was dismayed to find out that we had to sit on a sampan. Whatever happened to those fancy boats that we can sit and sip our welcome drink? Megan was horrified to know that she had to sit on the sampan and asked me if we can skip the floating market. On the other hand, Macy already pulled Shirley to the sampan and was the first to sit on it... and almost toppled the sampan. I warned both of them that if they rock the sampan and fall in, I ain't going in to save them cos' it is so dirty and I won't be able to find them. That got my older one really really worried. See her face..

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An extremely worried Megan and a bo chap and cool Macy.

When the lady rowed the sampan out to the main river, I was actually quite worried to see another kind of boat with the engines coming past us at extreme speed. My god, they could rock us out of our dinghy sampan. Megan asked," Why is our boat like this? Why can't we sit on that one?" and "brave" mama me had to say," This is an experience, Megan... enjoy it." but deep inside, I was wondering why was I given this sampan too.. hehe.. So whenever one of those jet boats go past us, water will splash onto us and that got Ms Megan Lim so so upset that she wanted to go home. haha... but the problem is we can't as the sampan, being a sampan takes 1.5 hours to go round the river. My, she was a nerve wreck on the boat.

Macy, on the other hand, could not stop climbing over to me, then to Shirley. Thankfully she is light or else I am quite sure one of us would have dropped into the filthy river.

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Macy doing a "sawadee-ka"

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It has been almost 21 years since I've visited the floating market. It was nice and I enjoyed the fruits that they were selling. One note of caution to those who wants to bring kids- please take the speed boat kind. haha...

In the night, we took a taxi out to Hua Hin town for dinner. We spent sometime at the night market and Ed and I had a great time eating all the Thai tidbits. The girls were not so hot about the night market but were well behaved cos' we told them that if they don't follow close to me, they will be kidnapped.
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