Most Endearing Quality

We start our day with a MEQ-most endearing quality, just to edify each other. It really works.

Edward and I did our Marriage Preparation Course way back in 1997. It was conducted at a couple's home over 6 weekends. After completing MPC, we felt that it benefited us alot and when we were invited to go for the >a href="">United Marriage Encounter</a> in 2004, we accepted the invitation and went. Our first UME experience was charteredhere.

This is 5 years forward after our last weekend. We still use many of the tools and lessons we learnt and apply it to our marriage. Ed and I really believe that such courses will help enhance marriages and build up one another. There has been many broken marriages amongst our friends and we wish we could just do more to help.

Recently, we did another weekend, but this time as a facilitating couple. It was held at Harris Hotel in Batam, organised by our church, PPHBC

The weekend is run very similarly to UME with some slight modifications. There were 10 couples and from the testimonies shared on the last day...we are very thankful and happy to know that just by committing 48 hours to each other without work, kids, phone.... makes such difference to their married lives.

Here's us baring our souls and sharing our feelings.

and here's this 2 jars of cookies that caused me to put on weight because after every sharing session, it will beckon me over.

My brother did a good photoshop of all my moles... now I look like I just had a whitening facial from SKII... haha.. if not, you can see our glow from the weekend lor..

Here's all 10 glowing couples.

Yet another farewell...

I am seriously getting quite depressed, at the rate these people leave HK! Within a span of half a year, 3 families have left HK to return to Singapore. When oh when will it be our turn?

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adelinewong with Beth, me, Pat and Sophia

We had lunch at Quarterdeck club, a really nice al fresco dining except for the pounding machines just outside the restaurant which weren't working when we were there on Sunday lah. It faces the harbour and really nice ambience.

sisters bikini

Ms Geek vs Ms Rebel

*Alarm rings at 7am*

Daddy: Macy! Time to wake up! time to go to school!

Macy: Macy go to school already. *Plonks back to sleep*


Aunty Beth: Are you looking forward to go to school, Lynette?

Lynette: No

Grace: No

Megan: Yes!

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Ming's maiden trip to Hong Kong

After being on MSN with flipover since 2003, she finally made a trip to HK and she brought little Trinity along... the little girl's first maiden trip overseas, even further than her 2 gor gors!

It was nice catching up in HK, showing her what Stanley is all about, like what I did to mamemo and nining, her wallet bled at all the shops we went to. To be fair, both myself and claudiacheng's wallet bled a little too... ended up buying things not meant to be because they are just so darn cute.

Check out little Trinity in her winter clothes, topped with that cute hat. Because of the cold weather, she didn't even yank it off at all... they certainly know the temp. better than us, huh? She took to Tracey so well and always smiling at Tracey... hehe... I guess I know if there will be a no.3, who it will be.

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It was such a short trip for her, if not, she would be brought to Spicy crab, Lamma island and all my favourite joints lah...

Want to take a walk on the moon with me?

When Megan was around Macy's age, she was very into Hi 5's Charlie and this particular song," Robot Charlie". I remember making something like this for her then. Time really flies and now I am making the same thing for Macy.

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And creative jie jie searched for 2 Yakult straws and put it on top and made it the antennae. She is so funny.

Macy has been really difficult of late, in terms of going to school. She does not want to get up, does not want to get changed, struggles with us, cry, scream.... it takes me and Shirley to cajole her to get changed and comb her hair. Then it is another struggle to get her to go to the school bus. Today, I brought her down to the school bus, she was brave and didn't cry, but when I was waving goodbye to her, her face really broke my heart.. so sad and holding back her tears, with her mouth turned downwards... aiyoh... I cannot take it.


Megan is taking part in SIS's 15th anniversary celebrations. The musical is going to be held on 29th April. So she has been really busy with the twice weekly rehearsal...which is good as well, I feel. She will enjoy and gain the experience of being in a musical, that small wee teeny girl, and it also helps to occupy her non stop thinking brain and non stop talking mouth. By the time Macy can speak really well, not only will Ed grow more deaf, me too.


I don't seem to have much luck with landlords. I just got into a tiff with her again 3 days ago. My washing machine is not working well, it does not go into the dryer and spin dry my clothes. I called her to tell her that it needs to be fixed, she has the audacity to aske me to half half with her. I asked her to go open up her tenancy agreement to check on the clause on wear and tear. She said," How would I know if it is wear and tear and not improper use?" That "improper use" loosened my screws on my head and I gave her hell. I already send all my bedsheets to the laundramat because I know the stupid machine cannot handle my King size sheets... what improper use is she talking about? I lost it and she said she will call me back after discussing with her partner. I don't care, I am going to get it fixed and deduct the cost from the rent. Unbelievable.
little witch

Missed the bus

Today's first day of school after Christmas break for Macy and she missed the bus. Grrr... I had to drive her to school and she happily sang," Macy miss the school bus yah, Macy take mummy's bus." She certainly knows that there is alternative, isn't it?
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Last year this day, Edward was hospitalised for the 2nd time. With that, he went through a major operation. With God's grace, he recovered and the family grew alot closer to God and to one another. We haven't been taking each other for granted for we know how transient this world can be.

We are thankful that he has recovered completely and is with us this new year's eve to count down to a better 2006. We cherish every single moment and day together as a couple, as a family, as a parent, as a son/daughter, as a friend, as a sister/brother.

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

-1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NIV)